Publikováno 10. 5. 2023


General information about CDI event in Olomouc:

Date: 19. – 22. 5. 2022


Opening of stables: Wednesday 18th at 12:00


Horse Inspection: Thursday 19th at 15:00


The Show Office is at the main arena


Boxes: permanent stables with drinker




The horse travelling from EU country must have veterinary certificate – TRACES


The horse travelling from outside the EU must have valid document – CHED and the copy of the relevant veterinary certificate.


The horse must be vaccinated against horse influenza. The last vaccination must be carried out no later than 7 days before entering the venue.     


All competing horses or entering the venue must be serologically tested (coggins test) for equine infectious anaemia (eia). This test must have been carried out within the last 12 months. The certificate or horse passport showing a negative test must be presented to the veterinarian examining the horse on the arrival. Horses that have no certificate or have a positvie test will not be allowed to enter the showground. 


In case of any questions for health requirements, contact  Veterinary Manager: 
Dr. Iva Vodičková, +420 723 738 326     




Ground Jury President: Gabriela Valeriánová

Ground Jury members: Sissy Max-Theurer, Ilja Vietor, Barbara Franyo, Christof Umbach


Chief Steward: Petra Choc 


Event director: Thomas Baur, contact: +491713311267

The link for the schedule is here.



This competition is organized with the financial support of the National Sports Agency.

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