Everything necessary for brilliant preformance can be found in Lazce!

Our centre ranks between the most exclusive among Europe and we are constantly working hard to keep it that way.

About us

Equine Sport Centre Olomouc is a first class riding centre situated in Olomouc - Lazce. Thanks to a special surface that is built in order to maximise comfort for both riders and horses. Our arena can match with other prestigious European equine centres. We offer boxes with waterholes, water hose boxes, simulator for horses, solarium, exclusive riding surface and spacious outdoor fields.

Map of the areal

You can download the whole map of the centre here.


Exclusive surface

We are very proud of our surface which belongs to the best quality and most modern surfaces in Europe, all this is thanks to the German company LGS Reitplatzbau GmbH. Flexibility is ensured by accurate layers of sand with the best amount of minerals and together with computer manipulated system works on a principal of low and high tide of water. In case of low humidity the system takes water towards the surface. On the other hand, if the humidity levels are high, pumps situated below the sand take the water in reverse direction. Modern surface insures for our horses optimal flexibility, supports for take-off and durability against slide strains increasing safety of equine sport and enables the horses to give top results. Due to rapid evolution of horse riding in our country and closing in on standards of Western Europe, our technical facilities are just about perfect.


Everyone interested in horses can enjoy their visit
in modern *** Pension v Jízdárně

Combine gastronomic experience with relaxation while watching our horses

Riding equipment for everything the rider needs



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