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Equine Sport Center is ranked among the most exclusive equestrian compounds in Europe, and we are constantly working hard to keep it this way.

About us

Equine Sport Center Olomouc is a first-class equestrian compound situated in Olomouc-Lazce. Owing to a unique surface that maximizes the comfort of both riders and their horses, our arena can be compared with the most prestigious European equestrian centers. We offer boxes with water drinkers, horse showers, a walker, a solarium, exceptional surfaces, and spacious paddocks.

Map of the Compound

You can download the whole map of the center here.


Unique Surfaces

We take pride in our high-quality surfaces, which belong among the most modern surfaces in Europe, owing to the German company LGS Reitplatzbau GmbH. Precise layers of sand with accurate amounts of minerals, together with a computer- manipulated water system, ensure flexibility and support for horses. The system takes water towards the surface in case of low humidity, and when humidity levels get higher, pumps situated below the sand take the water in reverse direction. Modern surfaces offer horses and their riders optimal flexibility, support for take-off, and minimal risk of slide strains, increasing the safety of equestrian sport while providing conditions for the best performance.


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This competition is organized with the financial support of the National Sports Agency.